Procedure for ordering

our services


Project preparation

1. Project documentation

In the first step, we will ask you to:
1. submit existing project documentation (e.g. appliance,
technical room, boiler room, etc.).
2. fill our spreadsheet with technical parameters,
3. attach the relevant photo documentation.

2. Drawing into the project

The second step of preparation focuses on determining the location of the Treasure © installation on the piping systems resulting from the project documentation.

3. Preparation of a price offer

Subsequently, we will calculate a preliminary price offer based on the documents and the proposed solution.

4. Agreeing the price offer

To proceed with the project preparation, it is necessary the price offer to be agreed by customer.

5. Inspection

Our staff will arrange an inspection of the building and systems, which is essential to create the final design for the equipment implementation.

6. Specification of the price offer

Based on the inspection and potential changes to the project, a final price offer will be prepared.

7. Proposal and conclusion of contracts

Once the price offer has been agreed, a detailed draft contract will be prepared and signed by both parties.

8. Placing the order

Placing an order by the customer.

9. Advance payment for equipment

After the advance payment is paid by customer, we start the implementation of the project.

Project realisation

10. Device(s) production

Start of the production of the Treasure © customized device(s).

11. Completion of payment for
the device(s)

Payment of the remaining amount for the device(s).

12. Device(s) delivery

Transportation and delivery of the device(s) directly to the place of implementation.

13. Device(s) implementation

Installation, set-up and commissioning of the system (full use).

14. Final payment

Final payment for performed services.

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