Geothermal water treatment


The high mineralization and temperature of geothermal water causes significant problems arising in pipeline systems. By treating geothermal water, the Treasure © technology helps to prevent incrustation and scale formation.


Benefits in energy industry and spa

The use of geothermal water has huge potential. Through deep wells, geothermal energy is brought to the surface and used in centralized heat supply systems. In our country, it is mainly used in spas (spa centres and aquaparks), in agriculture for heating buildings using heat pumps, in energy industry and other. For these sectors, we present the Treasure © device, which helps to maintain a clean piping system and at the same time generates financial savings for the client in the form of maintenance.


High mineralization of geothermal water causes strong oxidation and subsequent formation of incrustations and limescale in systems, mainly in piping systems.

Effects of Treasure ©

The Treasure © device is one of the innovative technological solutions for the removal of clogged piping systems using geothermal water. The technology adjusts the force bonds of individual elements in water by changing the viscosity, surface tension and specific heat, thus preventing the formation of incrustation and limescale. Major problems occur especially in swimming pools and crop growers who use geothermal water. In the past, due to insufficient care seve-ral drilled well became clogged over time and thus went out of operation. We bring you technology that handles these problems without special care.

Benefits of

maintenance of the pipeline system

Routine maintenance

Technical maintenance

Technical maintenance of the piping system is generally twice a year.


Maintenance is financially expensive.


Shutdown can take up to 30

Treasure ©

Technical maintenance

Treasure © provides constant selfcleaning by the flow of treated water.


Does not involve any expenses.


Maintenance does not stop operation.

Possibilities to use technology

Agriculture – greenhouses

hen heating farm buildings, we often encounter the problem of insufficient temperature obtained from the groundwater due to heat leakage during the time it takes for the groundwater to reach the heating medium. One of the factors is the depth of the deep well, which is not large enough in such cases. The closer the water is below the surface, the colder it is, so it is very important to prevent its heat from escaping. Treasure © can regulate heat leakage by molecular treating the water, specifically by changing the specific heat so that the water can maintain its temperature throughout the transport to the surface. As an example, we present a case where the groundwater reached a surface temperature of only 50°C, but the required temperature was 70°C. The heat loss was therefore up to 20°C. Treasure © was able to eliminate this temperature difference.

Cities and municipalities

Within the energy industry, cities and municipalities, use geothermal water to heat domestic water for various uses. The heat is transferred to the secondary circuit distributions via heat exchanger stations. The problem arises over time, when groundwater becomes corrosive to long distribution routes and deep wells. Corrosion in the pipe causes clogging and reduction of the flow capacity, as well as damage to the material. Maintenance of wells and piping system represents increased costs for cities and municipalities. Treasure © eliminates the risk of corrosion. The cause of corrosion is high temperature in reaction with larger particles of mineral components of iron and manganese, that are trapped on the inner walls of the pipe and due to the temperature they act very aggressively. Treasure © can multiply reduce the particles of mineral components present in the water, thus prevent clogging of wells and the piping system. Another function of the device is the treatment of the specific heat of geothermal water. Changing the physical properties of water prevents the temperature from decreasing on its way to the earth’s surface. As a result, the obtained water is able to transmit high temperature to secondary distribution pipes, which leads to faster heating of a larger domestic water capacity. The number of required water treatment devices is then dimensioned according to the flow volume.


The Treasure © device brings great benefits in the spas. Spas and facilities that use heat from the depths of the earth commonly face the problem of pipeline clogging, that complicates the smooth running of the operation. Maintenance and shutdowns represent a significant expenditure, a loss of income and time. Treasure © prevents corrosion and damage to materials without chemical treatment throughout the year. Molecularly treated water does not have a corrosive effect, and at the same time it can release sediment in the piping system, even in the case of long-term shutdown of equipment, and thus restore operation.

Households and other objects

The device is recommended for households that use geothermal water as a renewable energy source for domestic water heating. Water treated with Treasure © does not corrode metal parts of the piping system and is equipment-friendly, thus extending the life of the heat pump. The entire system becomes maintenance-free, thus creating financial and time savings.

Advantages of water after treatment



reduces the heat loss of water towards the surface


saves equipment (e. g. heat pumps)


prolongs the life of equipment

Does not clog

does not corrode and does not clog the piping system


eliminates the risk of system failures