About us

The company WIS CONTROL SK s. r. o. is engaged in the treatment of water, vegetable oils, various gases, petroleum derivatives and the production of hydrogen. In the case of water, the treatment is aimed at all its states, i.e. solid, liquid and gaseous.


Water treatment

Our goal is to achieve economic and energy savings in the range of 15 to 20% while ensuring unpolluted, safe water that is treated using the physical properties of water without the use of chemicals. Water treated with the Treasure © device has changed properties that accelerate its cooling or heating. Treated water is suitable for direct consumption and plant irrigation.

Vegetable oil treatment

By treating vegetable oils in the food industry, we change the viscosity of the oil (fluidity), adjust the PH, reduce the presence of phosphorus, separate water from the oil and at the same time recover the already contaminated oil for further use.

Petroleum derivatives treatment

One of the biggest challenges is the petroleum derivatives treatment and reduction of CO2 , as well as other unwanted substances that arise from the use of combustion engines. The modification is carried out by applying the device to the engine part of the car or by modifying the fuels directly in the fuel production processes. Treasure © achieves significant reduction of CO2 emissions and other negative environmental impacts.

Hydrogen production

Using the Treasure © device, we provide water treatment within the hydrogen production, that practically means more efficient electrolysis cleavage into hydrogen and oxygen. This process generates lower energy costs.

The idea is to limit the use of chemicals

Our company offers innovative Treasure © device, which is in direct contrast to the use of chemicals and undesi- rable chemical processes due to its technological treatment process. During 30 years of hard work by scientists and the entire team, a unique technological process has been developed, which consists of a treatment (of water, etc.) that takes places at the supramolecular level using the physical properties (of water, etc.). As a result, the structures of the molecules are modified so that the liquid can perform the same role as the chemically modified one. The advantages of using the technology are: elimination of negative environmental impacts, improved water quality, cost savings associated with the purchase and application of chemicals, or other financial savings due to reduced energy consumption (individual examples are given in each chapter). With its multifunctionality, Treasure © technology helps a variety of industries and brings new possibilities in solving serious global problems.

The challenging task results in satisfied users

During the period of research and development, it was formed the team of people who overcame the conservative arguments emerging in the academic community. They were able to successfully refute the conservative and negative arguments at every point, and successfully apply the device with the expected results, today confirmed by satisfied users. The Treasure © device itself and the technological solution have gained satisfied users in multiple industries and countries. Users first restricted chemicals until they stopped using them. This fact activated an immediate positive response from other economic entities using primarily chemical preparations. However, overnight, chemical traders became hostile as we have struck directly into their trading territories. Nevertheless, we have withstood the negative attitudes and have not abandoned our idea, philosophy and lifestyle. We do not underestimate the importance of water, which affects basic human needs. The more water-friendly we are, the sooner we will restore the planet and achieve the health and well-being of its inhabitants.

“We think green, we think economically, every saving means more time for our planet and our Slovakia.“