Liquid treatment
in air conditioners


The Treasure © device can adjust the properties of the coolant in air conditioners.

BenefitsTreasure ©

Office buildings

The energy-saving Treasure © device is suitable for office buildings using multisplit air conditioning units, where there is a large amount of electricity consumption due to the heating/cooling capacity of the space. The device is installed on a cooling circuit, where it molecularly treats the properties of the liquid. Due to the current legislation, device can help to reduce the energy class of building. In any case, the device is dimensioned and custom-made based on the measurements and consumer requirements.


Advantages of liquid treatment in air conditioning.

Accelerated cooling and heating process

Supramolecular treatment of the specific heat, viscosity and other properties of the coolant circulating in the air conditioning system circuit will ensure faster cooling or heating of the liquid.

Energy saving

Faster cooling or heating of the liquid will save 15 – 20% of the current electricity consumption, and thus brings financial benefits for business entities.