Possibilities of using Treasure © technology

Where and how can Treasure © technology help?

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Myslíme ekologicky

Myslíme ekologicky

Social and medical facilities

Myslíme ekologicky

Commercial and office premises
Sports and recreation centers

Home use


Heating the household with a boiler

Improved water calorific value results in faster water heating and thus reduction in electricity consumption for heating by at least 15%.


Air conditioning and heat pumps

Supramolecular treatment of the coolant results in faster cooling and a reduction in electricity consumption by at least 15%.

Drinking water
Washing, ironing and washing dish

Care of textiles and furnishings

The water maintains the constant colour and quality of the fabric, while not clogging washing machines, irons or dishwashers with limescale. Improved evaporation of water makes the quality of ironing more efficient.


Showering, washing, bathing, flushing

Water prevents oxidation of iron in the piping system, and thus leaves no unwanted discoloration of sanitary facilities such as sinks, baths, showers, toilets, etc.


Washing of personal vehicles

The water is free of hypochlorites, and thus does not leave white spots on the surface of the vehicle (it behaves similarly to osmotic).

Domestic breeding

Poultry, pigs, hares, etc.

Special water treatments help to maintain the physical and mental condition of the animals when consumed, support the immune system, detoxify and help to process food more easily. As a result, there is a natural increase in animal production and overall animal health.


Growing fruits, vegetables, ornamental trees, plants and lawns

Treated water can release carbon dioxide from the soil, which isn’t beneficial for crop growth and volume. Adjusted pH has a beneficial effect in the soil and builds plant immunity, by its properties hydrate more effectively even in times of drought, ensure soil porosity and deepening of the roots providing the plant with the necessary nutrients.


Pools cleaning and healthy swimming without chemicals

Úprava vody likviduje prítomnosť siníc, iných Water treatment eliminates the presence of cyanobacteria, other bacteria and viruses that are harmful to the human body. It cleans turbid water together with particulate filters, thus ensuring crystal clear water. At the same time, it helps to heat swimming pools with improved water calorific value using heating media and thus saves energy consumption by at least 15%.

Use in industry

Energy production

In the production of electricity in turbines.

Heating plants

Faster water heating and reduction of emissions due to the loss of water heating resources.

Cooling systems

Physical treatment of coolant in air conditioning systems. Water treatment in cooling circuits in engineering, metallurgy and energy industry.


Water preserves the quality and colour of textiles, reduces the consumption of detergents, makes ironing more efficient and reduces electricity consumption for heating by at least 15%.

Waste water
treatment plants

Chemical-free treatment of wastewater from sewers and cesspools and full reuse as domestic water.

Water area protection

Protection of water areas and habitats, protection in mining and other waterworks.


Treatment of water for watering plants, flowers, trees, etc., treatment of water used for consumption by animals. Suitable for BIOFARMS.

Pharmaceutical and chemical industry

Special water treatment suitable for the production of reagent in production processes.

Mineral waters

Treatment of mineral and highly mineralized waters.