Gas treatment


Treasure © technology adjusts the properties of gaseous substances such as calorific value, explosiveness, liquidity and others, provided that the efficiency of the given substance is improved for specific purposes. Technology can adjust e.g. Oxygen, Nitrogen, Biogas, Natural gas, water vapor, etc.

Treasure © TechnologyUSE

Modification of properties of gaseous substances

The Treasure © device can improve the properties of gaseous substances by supramolecular treatment. With our technology, it is possible to treat any gas without exception and obtain its improved properties, e.g. higher calorific value or explosiveness. Frequently used gases include hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, biogas, natural gas and also steam. Apart from the ga-seous state of water, i.e. water vapour, the treatment of other gases is under experimentation (so far successful). Prototype devices are being tested in industrial applications. Currently, we have successfully installed Treasure © for biogas treatment in one of the biogas plants in Slovakia, which uses waste from wastewater treatment plants. The analysis shows a significantly higher calorific value.