Treasure in technology


Treasure © – Patent pending

novy treasure

Supramolecular treatment

What does Treasure treat?


Drinking, utility and geothermal water treatment.


Treatment of edible food oil and vegetable oil for biofuels.

Petroleum derivatives

Petroleum derivatives treatment specializing in CO2 reduction.

Gaseous substances

Treatment of gases such as steam, oxygen, nitrogen, biogas, natural gas and others.

Other liquids

Liquid treatment, e.g. in air conditioning units.


Editing and production of the so-called „pure hydrogen“.

Treatment without chemicals

Innovative Treasure © device, which is in direct contrast to the use of chemicals and undesi- rable chemical processes due to its technological treatment process. Technological process has been developed, which consists of a treatment (of water, etc.) that takes places at the supramolecular level using the physical properties (of water, etc.). As a result, the structures of the molecules are modified so that the liquid can perform the same role as the chemically modified one.

How does the Treasure © device help?

Prevents the formation of incrustations and corrosion.

Prevents the formation of limescale.

Protects the pipe system from clogging and extends the life of the equipment.

Improves the properties of the treated substance (water, gas…) from the point of view of use.

Creates energy and thus also financial savings in industry, households, etc.

Protects / does not pollute the environment.

Where will you use the Treasure© device?

Treasure © can be used in almost every branch of industry, family and apartment buildings, commercial businesses and shopping centers, as well as social and medical facilities.

Environmental issue


What are the current issues? And why Treasure © is one of the solutions to global problems.

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